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Co-design session for Active Signposting Training Programme in Sandwell and West Birmingham CCG

Please listen to CCG and GP practice staff talk about the importance of co-designing a training programme with us for the 85 GP practices across Sandwell and West Birmingham CCG

Active Signposting forms part of the ten high impact changes in the GP Forward View. The CCG was keen to develop something for all their GP practices and when we secured the contract for the delivery we were absolutely delighted. We decided that we needed to co-design the training with a representative sample of the GP workforce and this video shows how we achieved this.


We gained insight and a good understanding from many different people including a patient representative. From this and wider feedback we created a customised training programme to suit the practices across Sandwell and West Birmingham CCG.

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'The (GP access) project was undertaken and delivered in incredibly short time scales, and the passion and drive was a much needed injection.'


Dr Mike Warburton, National Director for Dental and GP Access


Department of Health

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