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Engage with Ararna today!

We are a brother and sister team that started our company ARARNA in 2000

- a year when millennium fever was hitting everyone globally. 

However, our journey started many years earlier than that. We remember growing up we were always talking about setting up our own family business – we must have only been 10 or 11 years old when we first started discussing it.

It was always a passion and desire.

We wanted to create a business that was
built on loyalty, trust and honesty

Mainly because these were our own family values and our parents always

taught us to do an honest day's work to receive an honest day's pay. 

In 1999 we were both working for global American based companies and embarked upon studying MBAs.

We decided then to make our dream a reality and ARARNA was born. 

You are probably wondering where the name ARARNA came from, well it came from our father – his name is Ranjit and all his friends nicknamed him Rana when he was growing up. So, in true marketing style we added an “A” on the front and changed the spelling slightly. That's how our amazing journey in business began. 

We fundamentally wanted to help people by providing them with our distinctive ideas leaving them with something they could apply practically whatever the situation or challenge they were facing. We soon realised that we were entering the world of management consultancy and training. We didn't have any experience of this industry and surprisingly our naivety was our biggest strength.We wanted to solve problems “hands-on” working with clients' side by side. 

Over the years we have poured our heart and soul into our consultancy projects and training programmes. We will always go above and beyond because we can't help it, it is in our nature! Many of our clients have become our friends and they have followed us just like we have followed them in their careers. The phrase 'enthusiasm is infectious' is

such an accurate description of our personalities.

Now we have learned so
much about the industry

We believe everything we do requires companies, leaders, teams and individuals to engage, not just

with each other but through every interaction they have. 

Our core philosophy is built on the mantra that without engaging people then inspiring, leading or

transforming an idea, project or simple operation is an impossible feat! 

No matter where you sit in an organisation, your role, your place or responsibility you need to engage….

Harry has a real passion for engaging people and working with them to reach their full potential. He believes that everyone is an individual with talent and can be nurtured to reach their individual goals. His positive attitude is infectious.


Harry Banga
MBA DTD BSc (Hons)            07946 891116

Sukie has a real passion for education, being responsive and learning from others. She believes in working hard to achieve results and drives this through every project she embarks upon. Her family creates her inspiration and drives her to bring the best out of herself and everyone she interacts with.


Sukie Banga
MBA FCIPD BSc (Hons)              07949 246889


Work with us we are engaging, real and true!

'The (GP access) project was undertaken and delivered in incredibly short time scales, and the passion and drive was a much needed injection.'


Dr Mike Warburton, National Director for Dental and GP Access


Department of Health

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